State Legislation 2020

What a fast few weeks it’s been! You may have seen our emails regarding recent activity on our bill in the Senate State Government Committee and the House Human Resources Committee. We’re happy to report that our sister bills have passed out of both committees and are going before the whole Senate and House of Representatives very soon, SF 2357 and HF 2542!

We’re looking to all Iowa PAs to continue the outreach that’s been done at our legislative day, by our legislative committee, by PAs who have already been reaching out those committees, and by our lobbyists. These bills have seen early success, but we need to make sure all of your legislators know about our bill and what we’re looking to accomplish. Additionally, these bills are a joint effort between IPAS and IMS, looking to make improvements to current rules and statutes.

These bills are the product of 9 months of discussions between the Iowa Medical Society and the Iowa PA Society to bring a consensus bill to the legislature that would:

  • Allow PAs to prescribe all medications for which they have the training or experience to prescribe, bringing Iowa in line with the laws in surrounding states;
  • Update the language surrounding PA supervision and practice to increase flexibility while preserving the PA-physician team dynamic;
  • Allow PAs to be rendering providers under Medicaid (a provision currently adopted in 44 other states); and
  • Amend statutory language to add PAs to provisions related to damages for medical malpractice claims and dispensing of medications to patients in certain situations.

Please reach out to your legislators today to ask for their support of SF 2357 and HF 2542. If you need help contacting your legislator, you can visit or

Thank you for your grassroots efforts to continue our forward motion on a better practice environment for Iowa.

Jim Earel, PA-C
Iowa PA Society Legislative Committee Chair